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            Ontario   Edmonton   Calgary   Winnipeg   Saskatchewan   Halifax    Vancouver

            Inspect4u is your #1 choice in starting and growing a rewarding career in Home Inspections for 2019.

            Inspect4u is Canada's largest “Government Approved?/span> Home Inspections Training Academy.

            Our course is based and audited under the Canadian National Occupational Standards for licensing in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia , Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and all East Coast provinces. Inspect4u’s training is accredited by the Canadian National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (CanNACHI) towards National Certification within all provinces in Canada towards home inspector certification and licensing.

            Inspect4u is one of the only few Canadian Home Inspection Training Academy's that has Government approvals on its training curriculum as part of the course.

            Teaches Canadian content

            Has a mentorship program for our students

            Complete ongoing aftercare and support system

            Continues education programs

            Our course is designed for students who have fundamentals of how a home works and operates thus saving high costs in training fees and time spent learning of how a home is put together. Inspect4u teaches students defect recognition on how to inspect a home as to its deficiencies and generation of reports.

            Inspect4u “does not teach how to build a home, we teach students how to inspect a home?/span>

            Click your nearest training location for information about dates, fees and registration form.



            We are a 100% Canadian based company and focus only on the Canadian Home Inspection Industry and regulations.  Our level of expertise and knowledge is unsurpassed. 

            "You won't find any comparison out there to our training   program and at an affordable price."

            Call Us Toll Free 1 888 458-8809


            We will be ready to help you succeed!





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